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The Sharda Group comprises over 10 companies operating in seven business sectors: education, information technology, engineering tools, construction, healthcare and biotechnology. The group has operations in India and Uzbekistan.

The Sharda name has been taken with great respect for its adherence to strong values and business ethics. Sharda Group believes in its core ideology of nation-building and nurturing brilliant brains.

Rooted in Indian ethos and traditions, the Group aims to build multinational businesses across the globe.

Our Team

The entrepreneurs behind the vision

Sharda Chairman


Mr. P.K. Gupta believes that the true rewards of entrepreneurship are not the kind that can be counted or weighed. As per him, “It was not just an intention to be successful or the idea of huge profits that motivated me to foray into the higher education sector. In fact, I was genuinely concerned as I saw the drive in the youth around me.”

Time decides everything...Our fate...Our ...

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Sharda Chairman


Born in 1966, Mr. Y.K. Gupta is a renowned educationist, social leader and a visionary industrialist who has traversed a tough road to the position he holds in Sharda Group. Brought up in Agra, he is an inventive leader who always favoured a strong and self-reliant India. He completed graduation from Agra University in the year 1987.

As an entrepreneur, his first business venture was ...

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Sharda Chairman

Mr. Prashant Gupta Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Sharda Group

Mr. Prashant Gupta is among the young trailblazers of new India who are going to lead the future. As the scion of Sharda Group, Mr. Prashant Gupta is driving excellence across the group's various ventures in – Education, Healthcare, Information Technology, Entrepreneurship Building, Engineering Tools, Construction and Biotechnology.  

Mr. Prashant Gupta is the alumni of the very p...

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Our Milestones

  • 1980


    In 1980, Maxwell Products was started in Agra for manufacturing and supplying of engineering equipment to various educational and research laboratories.

  • 1996


    In 1996, the First Self Financed Engineering College - Hindustan College of Science and Technology in the State of UP was established in the Agra-Delhi Highway.

  • 1997


    In 1997, the Hundustan Institute of Management and Computer Studies (HIMCS)

  • 1998


    In 1998, Anand Engineering College, AEC in Agra was established.

  • 1999

    BMAS Engineering College

    In 1999, the foundation of Babu Mohanlal Arya Smarak Engineering College (BMAS Engineering College) which is 19 KM from Agra laid by Mr P.K. Gupta and Mr. Y.K. Gupta

  • 2002

    Anand College of Education

    In 2002, Anand College of Education was founded

  • 2005

    Sharda Hospital

    In 2005, the true temple of healing - Sharda Hospital was founded. It is one of the largest Super-speciality hospital (900+ bedded) and research centre in Delhi-NCR

  • 2006

    Anand College of Pharmacy

    In 2006, Anand College of Pharmacy was founded

  • 2009

    Sharda University

    In 2009, Sharda University - the world-class global private university with 13 schools, 45000+ alumni and 20,000+ students from over 74+ countries has been established in Greater Noida

  • 2011

    Anand College of Architecture

    Anand College of Architecture was founded

Our Story

Mr. P. K. Gupta considers himself a sportsman. He says, “I owe my work energy and enthusiasm to sports that have brimmed me with passion.

I am a Doer with a vision. I am an Entrepreneur.” He was dedicated to lead through his life and take forward the strong character of his grandfather that had become blurred and translucent with time.

He decided to be an entrepreneur. This was the time when barely any people knew the meaning of this word. Soon, he gained all the knowledge from him, and started making a living through the supply of engineering equipment to various Educational and Research Laboratories.

What he learnt during the manufacture of engineering equipment helped him more than just in the business. While making the equipment, one has to bear in mind that there is no room for even a percent of divergence from the actual value. This is how a man should lead his life. One job at a time and doing it with ultimate precision.

The parameters that govern ones life must be strong and there shouldnt be an iota of disbelief in ones own thoughts.

After acquiring enough knowledge about engineering equipment and the process associated, came the time when Mr. P. K. Gupta along with his frontline aid, his brother, Mr. Y. K. Gupta founded their own engineering equipment company in the year 1985. The company was named ‘Maxwell Products (India) and was set up in Agra.

The company manufactured products used as research equipment in laboratories and were highly accurate in measurements. This was the reason the company got a strong foothold of a loyal customer base who would prefer no other product, but Maxwells.

The products of the company were gradually supplied to different colleges across the nation. The setting up of this company was more than just an idea for profit.

The company was based on the strong belief of the two brothers to bring profits to the Northern India. The popularity of the products was evident through the fact that another manufacturing plant had to be set up in Chennai in the year 1986.

This was the first independently owned business of the two brothers, Mr. P. K. Gupta and Mr. Y. K. Gupta who broke all the stereotypes and became entrepreneurs basis their perseverance and dedication.