Jan 31, 2020

UZIN 2020 - A Cultural Extravaganza

Sharda Chairman

Cultural and Dramatics Club organized UZIN 2020 - a cultural extravaganza on 31st January 2020 to showcase the cultural bond between Indian and Uzbek culture.

UZIN 2020 was a small step on the journey towards true understanding and acceptance of other cultures, and the realization that despite all differences human beings are more alike than different. The aim of the Cultural extravaganza was to give students a platform to showcase their talent and learn the art of organising an event.

The students mesmerized audiences with their enthralling performance on Hindi and traditional Uzbek Indian Songs. The rhythms and the beats of the songs resonated around the University. Cooking Competition was also the part of the event, in which students cooked traditional Indian and Uzbek dishes.